Last night was a real shaky earthquake! here is the lowdown from the officials

Occurred at (JST) 00:26 JST 24 Jul 2008

Latitude (degree) 39.7N
Longitude (degree) 141.7E
Depth 120km
Magnitude 6.8
Thats way up north around 300km away but we still felt it, reports this morning say around 100 injured, no deaths. I can’t imagine how bad it was up there , I was ready to get out of the house. Standing at the window checking to see if the roof was making more than a comfortable amount of noise. Today is still hot very HOT, 35C in the shade here, AC is on to hell with the electric bill, we are worth every ¥.

But it’s still July! it’s way too hot here right now, humidity is through the roof and it was 34C in the shade here today. I am on my 3rd Tee-shirt 2nd shower it’s just out of hand.. I went to Tokyo and enjoyed the 90 mins there and back of AC. When the train doors open you realize just how much you really like AC.


Japan today, 6.6 Earthquake strikes, tsunami warning, official first day of school holidays and thank goodness rainy season is over, hurrah!
Earthquake was a weird one today not your sudden shake, more of a gentle wobble. It was strong enough (6.6) to get the tsunami warning going. We are very south of the epicenter, here no warnings were issued as far as we could tell and trust our local council that is.

It Hot very hot! It cooled done a little today a wonderful fresh 82°F 30°C and with 77% humidity it was a real luxury compared to the last few days, a drop from 95% humidity was also very welcome.

Rainy season just passed, I must say I never really noticed it at all.. a few drops here and there but no down pour everyday as one might expect.

Long ques (over 60 people), 3 days in the making. It’s here! The new Apple 3G iPhone arrives in Japan. SoftBank opened it’s doors early this morning to Apple hungry geeks. At the stroke of 7am the Softbank Flagship store welcomed it’s first iPhone customers. The Presedent of Softbank opend the doors and greeted his customers. Although this Apple goody sports no TV or electronic wallet, found on most cells sold here, That didn’t deter the faithful and curious.