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Apple pull out of Mac World! Made front page on the BBC today. What does that mean? no seminars, or just no Steve  keynote?  I wouldn't have made it this year anyway..  Now all of the Mr. Jobs health issues can be raised again, the rumor mill just went back ...
Japan today, 6.6 Earthquake strikes, tsunami warning, official first day of school holidays and thank goodness rainy season is over, hurrah! Earthquake was a weird one today not your sudden shake, more of a gentle wobble. It was strong enough (6.6) to get the tsunami warning going. We are very south ...



Today Naoko and I are so happy, we are the proud owner of a new 24" iMac! We are just blown away by the beauty of the thing. It was our desire rather than a big TV screen now we have a full Home entertainment center .



Naoko has spent the last week producing yeast (from raisins) and ultimately baking some delicious bread! Wow it's really great stuff .