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Today Naoko and I are so happy, we are the proud owner of a new 24" iMac! We are just blown away by the beauty of the thing. It was our desire rather than a big TV screen now we have a full Home entertainment center .
Apple Certified Support Professional 10.5 exam Passed! 91.11% means 8 questions wrong. It was a great exam very comfortable, few trip questions too. On to server admin now.. I will keep you posted.
Well, Well This was a bolt from the blue this morning, reading on TUAW and I Quote Rumor: Austria will be Apple's 3G testing ground According to a post on fscklog (English translation here), Apple may use the Austrian market as the testing ground for a new 3G phone. T-Mobile Austria announced on ...



Nice to see new the new improved iMac is available today. The top monster 24-inch iMac now offers a 3.06 GHz Intel processor and the high-performance NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GS. The 2.4GHz lower end model sports 1GB of Ram, all other models are fitted with 2GB.