about JaB

Welcome to “just a blog”. What is JaB? well it’s just a place where I collect a few personal posts from around the net, and a central place where I can post my del.icio.us tags, my flickr pictures and my google/reader feed. I am the target user of this site and it is unlikely to have any ground braking news, ideas or innovations.

I have been using and designing internet pages for around 8 years now. I excel in site analysis and redesign. I promote the use of open source software and implement it where possible. I am no stranger to setting up Blogging systems, Content management systems and wikis. When it comes to web design I adhere as close as possible to Web Standards, set out by the W3c.org. I am also very well versed in the use of css.

My server and system experience is broad and versatile. My personal taste is Apple when it comes to hardware and OS. Apple make great products, they are intuitive and powerful. My Apple experience has been useful and helpful to others, yes I am that guy who will fix your mac.

Growing up with a Commodore 64, Amiga 500, 1500. helped boost my multimedia level from plain interested to actually producing something. It’s a shame Commodore lost its footing when the market boomed.
Oh well, good times had by all.