My Canon ixus 65 is a dream little point and shoot camera. I recently stumbled this site CHDK that develops a firmware add-on for Canon’s Digic II & Digic III cameras. This is a non permanent firmware upgrade but opens up a bag of hidden features on your canon. I followed the easy instructions and installed the “all best” firmware. This is some of the features it boasts.

  • Override ISO settings
  • Override shutter speed value
  • Override aperture value
  • Bracketing in continuous mode
  • ISO bracketing
  • Subj.distance bracket

….. and many more.

With added scripting support it was great to try the “time lapse” script. Highly configurable from within the OSD interface this was truly child’s play.

I used a 10 seconds between shots and waited until the battery ran out, that’s the trouble with this little canon, with its huge display it eats the battery, by using the “allbest” firmware I could see the battery status with % remaining. Nice feature missing from the normal OSD. It’s quite amazing whatching the level drop before your eyes. An AC adaptor is looking more and more like a future purcahse.

After around 200+ shots I imported and re sized in Graphic Converter, imported into quicktime using 6 fps. and fianlly in to iMove, added sound, exported directly to youtube. Nice workflow and really smooth.

If you have a canon go check out the wiki, there are lots of great tweaks available, unleash your creative energy today.

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