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This was a bolt from the blue this morning, reading on TUAW and I Quote

Rumor: Austria will be Apple’s 3G testing ground

According to a post on fscklog (English translation here), Apple may use the Austrian market as the testing ground for a new 3G phone. T-Mobile Austria announced on Monday that a UMTS version of the iPhone will be available “…soon” with “more flexible” options. We assume that “more flexible options” refers to user plans.

Last September, ZDNet Australia surmised that their country could be the first to receive a 3G iPhone, noting Apple’s timetable for a battery capable of supporting a 3G phone (“…late 2008”) and the iPhone’s launch date in Asia Pacific. A good guess, but T-Mobile’s announcement seems to shoot it down.

If any TUAW readers in Austria can shed some light on the speculation, please let us know.

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The Austrians just love their “HANDY” (slang for mobile phone) I spent a good few years living in the capital and was a part of the mobile boom! I had 4 providers and countless phones. I personally know people who use their phones as modems to surf. I just wonder how the iPhone will grab the Wieners.

I imagine quite well, I am not sure about T–Mobiles popularity right now, they were always a tad on the pricey side. You are going to need a combo of reasons to make them adopt, I see people who would be approaching the iPhone with one or more of the following factors applying to them: iPod upgrade, new contract incentive (ie cheap iPhone),  old contract provider period ending, Apple lover.

I will have to keep tabs on my good friend at http://www.happymac.at they really feel the pulse of the Apple crowd.

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