Oh my oh my,

And part of “Project Granola,” Swisher wrote, is exploring the possibility of turning that $240 million stake in Facebook into an outright ownership.

that news over at webware.com just put a fresh nail in my facebook account coffin. So after a dismal attempt at taking out Yahoo good old M$ want some other piece of the action their uncreative souls just can’t seem to muster.  It’s not a personal war I am fighting with M$ that would futile and a waste of energy.  Just, I try not to support them and their world dominance. I would be impressed if they were more innovative and progressive instead of throwing the big fat wallet at whatever fat cash cow comes along.

The day draws closer, I am thinking of life after FB, I suppose it will be just the same as before FB just my friends may have to really want to contact me, maybe with good old fashioned e-mail.

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