Apple on Wednesday announced its most profitable second quarter in company history!

With sales of $7.51 billion for the three-month period ended March 29, 2008, and a profits up 36% that’s $1.05 billion.
This part is interesting, as it’s my part of the world. Apple Japan accounted for 118,000 Mac shipments and $424M in revenues. These figures have increased by 49 percent each year-over-year.

The biggest question in Japan now is, which carrier will do the iphone? and will the technical specifications satisfy the Japanese consumer? No.. GPS, 1SegTV, mobile wallet, and a lack of one hand input, are real points to ponder. Anyone considering the iphone without those features would be giving up a lifestyle not just a phone.

As far as carriers go, Softbank are out of the running that much is certain, it’s not worth even a wild guess who will come through. Maybe Apple themselves are ready for that leap to become it’s own carrier!! 

Apple are secretive and full of surprises, may that continue to!

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