I was supprised again! Apple upgraded the MacBook and MacBook Pro, new processors, plus multi touch for the Pro’s.
Surfing around the Apple news sites, it feels as this has all boiled down to a non event, with no significant speed bumps, and my personal disappointment at the remote control now being classed as an accessory! As a proud owner of a 4 month black MacBook, I am in no way rejoining the upgrade path. I am very content with my present situation, 4GB of ram and this Book flies.. fast enough for all my needs this year.

I feel Apple held back these upgrades, after all they didn’t want to take the Air out of their Sails at the January Expo.¬† I try to understand their motives, but feel disappointment when I tell prospective Apple customers that “the Expo, that’s the time to wait and see”.

I will certainly won’t tread that path again, makes it harder for me to endorse an Apple product with what seems to be a never ending¬† evolution. Ultimately I will always have to add a “but you never know with Apple”.

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